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Upload Failed in Evernote Android App

by Justin Blake on November 11, 2010

I really like Evernote, and the new version of the Android app is awesome, but after upgrading, I noticed I was getting Upload Failed errors a lot. I would sometimes get these in the past when my signal was bad, and the note would upload fine later, but I soon realized that since the 2.0 upgrade, none of my notes were getting uploaded. I saw them on the phone, but not online and not in the desktop app.

I restarted the phone, checked for newer updates, shook it violently, nothing helped. Google was no help either. When I finally fixed it I figured I should help out with the lack of Google support by internet blogging about the fix on my internet website.

In the end what fixed it was simply logging out of the app on the phone, and then logging back in.

The downside is logging out clears the cache on your phone, which means all the notes I added since the upgrade were lost. Luckily they weren’t too important. Just stuff like “todo: check if notes added on my phone are being synced properly”.


I started experiencing the upload issue again. I didn’t want to lose any notes this time so I contacted support. They recommended I upgrade to the beta version by visiting this url on my phone, but by the time I go the message the uploads started working again.

Update 2 - Jan 4, 2010:

I’m on the latest version and this has mostly been resolved. For some reason I usually see upload failed errors after sending something to evernote via the “share” menu of another app (Twitter in particular). Eventually the notes do sync, but it’s quite annoying. Anyone else seeing this or have suggestions?

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